Winter Launch (15.04.18 - 06.05.18)

Offer valid from 15th April until 6th May 2018


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This Domayne 'Winter Launch Furniture & Bedding 2018’ catalogue must be read subject to these terms and conditions (including raincheck policy). This catalogue is published by Generic Publications Pty Limited ACN 104 215 241 ("Publisher"). Each enterprise carrying on business, under a name or style including the words "Domayne", is operated by an independent franchisee ("Franchisee"), pursuant to a franchise granted by a subsidiary of Domayne Pty Ltd or its related bodies corporate ("Domayne”). Each Franchisee named in this catalogue (“Relevant Franchisee”) will offer each item of the goods described in this catalogue ("Offer Goods") for sale until 06/05/18 ("Offer Period"), at not greater than the price specified in this catalogue for that item ("Offer Price"), subject to these terms and conditions. Each of Domayne, each subsidiary of Domayne (excluding the Publisher), and each Franchisee other than the Relevant Franchisees (“Other Franchisee”), do not publish, make, or authorise any offer or representation by this catalogue. The Publisher does not make or authorise any offer or representation by this catalogue. Images of goods published in this catalogue without any advertised price beside that image are not offered for sale. Photographs are for illustrative purposes only and may vary from goods depicted or described. Australian Made references in this catalogue (if any) are only applicable to Furniture and Bedding goods and may not apply to Manchester goods. The goods advertised in this catalogue may not be on show or immediately available at all Domayne complexes, but may be ordered from the relevant Franchisee. If you wish to view the goods in this catalogue in person, you should ring 1800 DOMAYNE (1800 366 296) before attending any complex to check to see if a Franchisee at that complex has those goods in store. Each published saving in respect of an item of Offer Goods is by reference to the average of the normal prices charged by the Relevant Franchisees. Each of Domayne, each subsidiary of Domayne, each Other Franchisee and the Publisher expressly do not represent that any item of Offer Goods will be offered by or available from any Other Franchisee at the Offer Price, or at all. Each trademark is the property of its respective owner. Raincheck Policy: If a Relevant Franchisee has sold out of, or is temporarily out of stock of any item of Offer Goods, during the Offer Period, then that Relevant Franchisee will offer each person who requests supply of that item during the Offer Period, a raincheck, so that the person may purchase, from that Relevant Franchisee, either, later a product the same as that item at not greater than the Offer Price, or an alternative product with similar features with equivalent or a higher value, at a price for that item not greater than an amount equivalent to the Offer Price. Domayne and the Domayne logo are registered trademarks of Harvey Norman Retailing Pty Limited A.C.N. 010 542 524 and used under limited licences by each Domayne Franchisee. Domayne Franchisees comply with the National Privacy Principles and a copy of the Privacy Policy is available from Domayne Franchisees.


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