Reasons Why You May Need A New Bed

Some people change where they live or what they drive more often than they change their mattress or pillows. However, your bed plays a major role in the quality of your sleep and, consequently, your daily life.

Does your mattress provide the support you need? Do you wake with your back aching? Is there enough room for you and your sleep partner? Do you sleep better or worse when you sleep away from home? Discomfort can make falling asleep more difficult and lead to restless slumber.

In Australia, there are many options for what your mattress is made from: Innerspring, Latex, Visco Elastic, Air, Gel and so on. Choose the mattress that is most comfortable for you:

  • Innerspring - is the most common type of mattress in Australia. They consist of an internal spring system and outer comfort layers.

    There are many different types of innerspring mattresses, such as Pocket Coil, continuous spring systems, multi-zoned spring systems, all giving you different supports and feels, so you can select one to suit your body type.

  • Memory foam - is heat- and weight-sensitive visco-elastic material. Memory foam can reduce tossing and turning at night and reduce pressure on the sensitive bony areas.
  • Latex - is a natural product great for ensuring low allergens. An added benefit is no partner disturbance.
  • Air - gives you a choice in adjustable comfort. You and your partner have the option of different comfort levels on each side of the bed. Also great if your comfort needs change, e.g. during pregnancy, illness, injury, etc...
  • Gel - is a great pressure-relieving material that will help with reducing tossing and turning caused by aching pressure points.


  • Buy the best you can afford.
  • Choose your mattress based on comfort.
  • Make sure your body is well supported in good alignment with no gaps between you and the mattress.
  • Make sure you can move around on the mattress with relative ease.
  • Lie on the mattress in the shop for as long as you can to make sure it is comfortable.
  • Make sure you and your partner both try the mattress.