Buyer's Guide to Lounges

Buyer's Guide to Lounges


Before you buy, consider:

  • It’s not always essential to buy a higher-priced sofa. You can spend well under $1000 for a piece that will suit your needs.
  • Your requirements. A busy family home will require a sofa with durability, but an adults-only household won’t have the same wear and tear.
  • Comfort - take time to test whether it suits you. Is it too hard or soft, does it offer you the neck and back support you want?
  • Interior quality:
    • Cheaper sofas often have frames made with pine and chipboard. Sturdier lounges use kiln-dried hardwoods and steel frames.
    • Suspension: webbing made from industrial-strength elastic is ergonomically sound, durable and quiet. Steel springs are very hard-wearing.
    • Cushion fillings: cushions mixing foam and down offer looks and durability. 100% foam pillows can look and feel less welcoming, while feather-filled cushions need regular pumping for maintenance.
  • Marks and stains are inevitable. Use fabric protection against spills, while textured and patterned fabrics won’t show grime as easily as plain fabrics. Fabric covers can be removed for cleaning, but some need dry-cleaning and can be difficult to remove and replace.
  • Leather - look for ‘full-grain” rather than “corrected-grain” leather for long-lasting, stylish results.
  • Style - low-key, minimalistic looks in white, neutral and organic colours have been overwhelming favourites for years. But a taste for charcoals, earthy browns and accents are emerging.


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