Kenwood Chef XL Titanium Mixer - Silver


BONUS 2 Kenwood kitchen machine attachments

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BONUS 2 Kenwood kitchen machine attachments

Creating sumptuous meals at home is made hassle-free with the Kenwood Chef XL Titanium Mixer. Compatible with a wide range of optional attachments (sold separately), this Kenwood mixer has the flexibility needed to make tedious kitchen tasks like chopping, mincing, and blending go a lot smoother.

Key Features
  • Equipped with a 1700W motor, the Kenwood Chef XL Titanium Mixer has ample power to maintain speed even during tough mixing tasks.
  • The Kenwood Chef XL features planetary mixing action to provide even and consistent results.
  • To handle various ingredients, the Chef XL mixer has variable speed, pulse, and fold stirring speed settings.
  • The mixer comes with a large 6.7L mixing bowl, making it capable of handling big loads with ease.
  • For added convenience, the Kenwood mixer’s bowl has in-bowl illumination to keep your ingredients well-lit throughout the process and ergonomic handles to make it easy to hold.
Appliances / Features
Product Type Mixers
Brand Kenwood Appliances
Model KVL8300S
Jug/Bowl Capacity - L 6.7
Jug/Bowl Material
  • Stainless Steel
Max Power - W 1700
Mixing Attachments Creaming Beater , Dough Hook , Folding Tool , K-Beater , Whisk
Size and Weight
Colour Silver
Product Height - mm 356
Product Width - mm 380
Product Depth - mm 285
Manufacturer 120 Months

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Kenwood Chef XL Titanium Mixer - Silver


Terms & Conditions

BONUS 2 Kenwood kitchen machine attachments

Offer ends 20 May 2018. The Bonus Offer items available to the consumer will reflect the Kenwood kitchen machine attachment range offered and stocked by each individual retailer. If a product is returned or refunded, the promotion will be null and void. Any Bonus Offers received will need to be returned to the Promoter. Any costs incurred by the claimant associated with returning the redeemed offer are the sole responsibility of the claimant. Terms and Conditions apply.
Valid Kenwood kitchen machine attachments include:-
1 KAH647PL Food Processor 23 KAX643ME Roto food cutter,
2 KAX950ME Food grinder 24 KAB992PL Puree (colander & seive),
3 KAX970ME Pasta roller 25 KAB930PL Puaree (colander & seive),
4 KAX974ME Spaghetti cutter 26 KAX971ME Taglietelle cutter,
5 KAH358GL Thermoresist blender 27 KAX972ME Taglioni cutter,
6 AT957 Ice Cream bowl Major 28 KAX973ME Trenette cutter,
7 AT956A Ice cream maker Chef 29 KAX910ME Pasta shaper,
8 AT550 Glass bowl 30 AT910002-14 Pasta shaper dies,
9 KAT621SS Stainless steel bowl 31 AT312 Citrus juicer,
10 KAT300SS Stainless steel bowl 32 AT641 Whole apple juicer,
11 KAT400SS Stainless steel bowl 33 KAX644ME Fruit press,
12 KAT621SS Stainless steel bowl 34 AT501 Flexi-beater Chef,
13 KAT811SS Stainless steel bowl 35 AT502 Flexi-beater Major/XL,
14 KAT911SS Cooking Chef bowl 36 AT511 Folding tool,
15 19659A White Poly bowl 37 AT512 Folding tool,
16 26538A White Poly bowl 38 KAX700PL Spiralizer,
17 KAT002ME Adaptor (bar to hex) 39 KAX890ME Lasagne Roller,
18 AT850B Scales 40 KAX894ME Spaghetti Cutter (NEW),
19 KAX400PL Dicer,
20 KAX941PL Grain mill,
21 AT340 Slicer/shredder,
22 AT320 Multi mill,
23 KAX643ME Roto food cutter,
24 KAB992PL Puree (colander & seive),
25 KAB930PL Puree (colander & seive),
26 KAX971ME Taglietelle cutter,
27 KAX972ME Taglioni cutter,
28 KAX973ME Trenette cutter,
29 KAX910ME Pasta shaper,
30 AT910002-14 Pasta shaper dies,
31 AT312 Citrus juicer,
32 AT641 Whole apple juicer,
33 KAX644ME Fruit press,
34 AT501 Flexi-beater Chef,
35 AT502 Flexi-beater Major/XL,
36 AT511 Folding tool,
37 AT512 Folding tool,
38 KAX700PL Spiralizer,
39 KAX890ME Lasagne Roller,
40 KAX894ME Spaghetti Cutter


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